Did you click on this Window for your Free Windows Installation or Upgrade and during the process it failed and now you don’t have any operating system at all?

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Our technicians have plenty of experience with Microsoft Windows 10 installation and their failures. Our technicians have been working with the pre-release vision for months and we know how frustrating it can be when your Windows 10 installation fails half way through the process. We can help and get you back up and running in no time.

Some of the issues we can help you resolve.

  • Windows 10 boot loop fix
  • Windows 10 not booting up
  • Windows 10 won’t update
  • Windows 10 keeps restarting
  • Windows 10 drivers issues
  • Windows 10 getting ready loop

Don’t expect Microsoft to help!

Even if you could get a hold of someone at Microsoft, they won’t help you.

Here’s a direct quote from the Microsoft Website

Help with upgrading to Windows 10

Here are some answers to questions you might have while upgrading your PC to Windows 10


With your reservation, you’re in the queue for your upgrade. Watch for your notification from the Get Windows 10 app to arrive in the coming days or weeks. At that point, you can upgrade immediately or pick a time that works for you. If you haven’t reserved your upgrade to Windows 10 yet, you can still use the Get Windows 10 to reserve it. For more about how to get the free upgrade, go to the Windows 10. Microsoft will not call customers to assist with the installation or technical support for Windows 10, nor will we send an email with any upgrade or installation files attached.

windows 10 installation image