When to Replace Your Mac

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When to Replace Your Mac

Knowing when to repair or replace your Mac is difficult for most people because although we know how to use our technology, we don’t all know how our tech really works. This makes it tough for most people to decide on whether their Mac needs a repair or to be replaced completely.

We’ve put together some tips that might help your decision a little easier!


Don’t – When Then Problem is Cosmetic

You can easily get a keyboard replaced, a screen switched, or a power jack repaired. The cosmetic problems are usually just a matter of switching something old out and a new replacement in.


This is definitely the wisest choice because getting a brand-new computer would be a waste when the device works perfectly well other than a cosmetic issue. The best way to go about it is to schedule an appointment to meet with a repair shop and get their opinion on whether or not it can be fixed.


Do – If You Can’t Download the Newest OS

Updating your system when a new OS is the way that Apple tries to keep all of their devices up to date and functioning properly. This means that not being able to download an update is going to hurt your chances of keeping your computer working much longer.


It should be noted, that if you are having this problem, it’s likely that you have a model which has been downgraded to the vintage (5 years old) or obsolete (7 years old) and they won’t be offering any official parts for these models through the Apple Store.


If you’re having this problem it’s probably only a matter of time before something goes wrong, and when they do you won’t be able to get the parts you need to fix it. Use this as a sign to start shopping around.

replace your Mac

Do – Replacement Parts Are More Expensive Than It’s Worth

Getting replacement parts is a great way to save some money and not have to replace your Mac until that isn’t an option. Whether it is too hard to locate for an older model, or it’s too expensive to spend on an obsolete model, replacement component repair prices are a good motivator to look at the newest models.


An example of this would be a logic board. You’ll find an official model for an obsolete model will easily run you upwards of $400. If you aren’t able to do it yourself, you’ll be adding a good amount in repair costs because it is a time-consuming part to swap out.


At this point, start thinking about whether it would just be a better idea to replace your mac than to repair a 7-year-old model.


Maybe – If Your Apps Are Taking a Long Time to Load

Apps taking longer and longer to load is a product of becoming more complex over time. As most people are sure to notice, performance and security patches come out for apps that you use pretty frequently. This means that you’re adding to the size of an app each time you update because the update is additional data.


If your apps are taking longer and longer to open, you either have an issue with space filling up, or with the processing power of your computer. If you have ample space open, you’re probably running into a problem with the processing power.


You can always download an older version of the apps you use, but this is more of a Band-Aid. This will not fix the problem, but it will give you some time to hunt for the best price and new releases of the most updated models.


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