In-Shop Virus Removal


With years of experience, we perform all types of malware and virus removals. Whether it’s a trojan virus removal, or just an annoying malware pop-up while on the internet, we can help. After we remove a virus we do extensive scans with several different applications to be sure it’s thoroughly gone. Be warned, some complex Virus’ can replicate themselves and/or destroy files in which case you may require a complete Operating System Wipe and Restore (see below). This sometimes happens if the virus removal leaves the system files corrupted.

We service all makes and models including: Acer, Apple, ASUS, Dell, Gateway, HP, Lenovo, Mac, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba and more.

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Home Service Virus Removal

$99 hr.

We offer Home Service Virus Removal at your location. One of our highly skilled technicians will schedule an appointment with you to come out and remove your virus’ on-site.

(Be aware, this could take up to 3 hours depending on your system.)

virus removal remote service

We also offer Remote Virus Removal Service


With our Remote Service you can sit back and watch our technician log into your computer and perform a virus removal remotely.

(This service requires a working internet connection)

girl fraustrated about a virusWhat are computer viruses or malware?

A computer virus or malware pretty much has same symptoms that a human virus would illustrate. It is contagious and can easily transfer from one computer to the other. Computer viruses are created by humans and are designed to interfere with your normal computer operations. Computer viruses can cause data corruption and even erase files on your computer. But most of the time they’ll just mark your files as hidden and we can retrieve them for you.

Computer viruses and malware are known to spread through email messages or instant messaging. This is why it’s very important to ignore any email attachments you receive from people you don’t know. Viruses are usually transported in the form of an image, greeting card link, or an audio or video file. Viruses can also spread through internet downloads. You download one item and you get 10 others with it. Many viruses cause identity theft too.

What happens when I’m attacked?

Your browser is taken under control and you find yourself getting redirected to unknown webpages. The redirected search results contain ads and/or objectionable content galore.

  • You are overwhelmed with pop-up advertisements that have nothing to do with the web site you are visiting.
  • New tool bars are added on your web browser without your consent. They appear every time you restart your PC, even though you thought you removed them.
  • You continually receive system warnings and error messages, claiming that your system is infected or is unsafe. Barter is started to remove the infection in exchange for money.
  • You notice that your computer is taken over by fake antivirus software that blocks your Internet access or modifies your data and files. You’ll most likely need professional virus removal performed.