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  • Computer Data Recovery

Computer Data Recovery

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Photo Credit: Your data files are the most sacred items you have when utilizing the information technology available today. It is often difficult to imagine the irreplaceable documents and photos stored on your computer's hard drive. You may have caused an accidental loss of all of your data files, or the loss

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10 Advantages Of A Custom Built Website

Are you looking to build a custom website for your company? At Computer Guys of Orange County, we build everything from shopping carts to blogs, fancy online portfolios to simple multi-page informational websites. Not only do we offer website building services, but we also offer a wide range of services that allow you to reach

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What Are Permissions, and What Does Repairing Them Do?

Like on any other operating systems, including Window, files and directories on a Mac each have their own permissions. The permissions control which users and system processes have access to the files, and what they can do. Executable files must be marked as executable or the system will not allow the files to run. The

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How to Improve Your Technical Skills

There is always room to improve your technical skills, regardless of current skill level. Here are a couple of things you can do in order to enhance your technical skills. Read Technical Books First and foremost, one of the most beneficial ways to improve your technical skills is simply by reading books. Technical books are

  • windows10

Windows 10 will be available at the end of July

We finally know the exact date that Microsoft’s upcoming operating system, Windows 10, will be available. The new OS will become available on July 29, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Operating Systems Terry Myerson wrote in a blog post Monday. Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Operating Systems, Terry Myerson, wrote in a blog post that

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The world’s smallest flash drive just got smaller

It seems that the world’s smallest flash drives just keep getting smaller and smaller, which also means that it is becoming easier to lose all of your storage in your pocket. SanDisk announced this month that it is packing way more storage into a very small package: to be exact 0.75 x 0.63 x 0.35

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Repairing Your Cracked iPhone With Computer Guys of Tustin

When your expensive iPhone slips under your palms and drops hard on the floor, you bite your lips and hold your head in regret. Only if you had a way to prevent it. You’d be lucky if it had just succumbed to one or two scratches here and there. But no so if you picked

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Tips to Save on Your In-Home Computer Repair Costs

Incomputer-repair today’s society, virtually everyone is using a computer to complete tasks in their everyday undertakings. This means that your computer must always be in top notch working condition in order for you to work optimally. Once in a while, your computer will require some maintenance or wholesome repairs to diagnose and eliminate any arising

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Effective Network Solutions

If your business or your home needs network solutions that will make data interchange efficient and fast, then Computer Guys is the company that will help you. This company’s extensive experience with network configurations of all types and usages will enable setting up a wireless environment throughout your home. Computer Guys will create a network

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Are You Looking For a Screen Replacement?

When your screen breaks, the last thing you should do is tamper with a shattered screen. The first thing you should do is take it to a repair shop as soon as possible to prevent any further damage. If you are located near Tustin, Computer Guys of Orange County is the place for you to

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Benefits of Remote Computer Assistance

If you own a computer, you know that your computer can malfunction anytime and it usually happens at the worst possible time. Remote computer repair assistance is the solution to all of your problems. Computer professionals have the technical understanding and skills you are looking for to solve your computer issues and troubleshooting tasks. Whether

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How Computer Guys Provide a Standout Screen Replacement Service

You press the ON button on your laptop but and the screen just won’t turn on. Did you just mention it was the second laptop screen replacement you’ve had in under a year? Before you throw that pricy machine against the wall, you need to consider taking it to a reliable repair shop, even if