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How Technology has Improved Our Daily Lives

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The world has grown so dependent on technology compared to 20 years ago. Daily usage of technology can be ignored from carrying out simple tasks to managing complex systems. The use of technology in workplaces has made work more efficient, less time-consuming and more affordable for many employers. The world is currently being referred to

Why You Should Cover Your Laptop Camera

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In our technology-driven world, it has become obvious that our privacy can be easily compromised. If computer hackers can penetrate the White House, they can most likely crack our personal technology devices. And yet we still use our laptops, phones, tablets and more, as if this threat doesn’t exist. But can we really afford to

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Should You Get Computer Training?

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 While most people understand the basics of using their computer, almost everyone the uses a computer will benefit from professional computer training. There are several reasons for this, and they all boil down to one huge end goal - training will make your life much easier!   The main reasons why training is so beneficial

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What to Do When Your Update Fails

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Your operating systems will put out an update from time to time to keep everything up to date and safe, but what should you do when it fails? There are a few things you can do prior to your update that will decrease the risk of a failure.   Try these first!   Check Your

How to Protect Your Phone on Vacation

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With summer vacations quickly approaching, your phone becomes more susceptible to pickpockets and thieves. Don’t let your vacation be ruined by losing all your data. By preparing properly, you can avoid any potential phone loss over your vacation. Learn how to avoid phone misplacement or theft and protect your phone just in case with this

Cloud Backup 101

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What is cloud backup? Cloud backup is a technology that involves sending a copy of your data to an offsite vendor – a cloud provider – that keeps the data secure and accessible in real time, usually for a monthly fee. What's great about the cloud is that it keeps a copy of your files

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Maintaining Your Hard Drive

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Photo credit: ESB Professional /   usually rely on their personal computers for storing important documents and other media. When you put your life on your computer, all of it can disappear the moment something goes wrong. The problem is, when your hard disk crashes, it is possible that you will lose all of

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Tips For Fixing Your Slow Computer

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Photo credit:  fkdkondmi / To some degree computer works just as cars, when you take care of it; it can run for quite a few years, but if you don't keep it fit, it will become out of work very soon. General speaking, a computer is designed to be used for about 5 to

  • 10 Ways To Secure Your Data While Working Remotely

10 Ways To Secure Your Data While Working Remotely

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Photo Credit: Titima Ongkantong/ Working remotely is one of the benefits of being self-employed. However, this is more dangerous than directly logging into your system from the office or at home. Working on-the-go significantly increases the vulnerability of your data to attacks from external parties. It’s important to note that there are various

  • 11 Ways to Solve Common Wi-Fi Problems

11 Ways to Solve Common Wi-Fi Problems

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Photo Credit: one photo/ Are you having a problem with your wi-fi connection? Unlike the wire connection that only involves plugging in the cable, wireless require a little more effort which can be challenging to people who are not technologically sound. Wireless connection can face some common problems that a person should try and learn