Say “Hello” to the Nest Hello Doorbell

Say “Hello” to the Nest Hello Doorbell

Most people may not know about this new video doorbell that is currently taking the market by storm – the Nest Hello doorbell. The new video doorbell comes with awesome features like a solid phone application, great video quality, two-way audio, and even friendly faces recognition with Nest’s subscription. It is currently integrated with Google Assistant and Google Home and has a 5-day subscription plan that enables you to store your videos in the cloud.

When you compare the Nest Hello Doorbell to the Ring Video Doorbell 2, you would say that it is a worthy competitor. The Nest Hello is new with a few added advantages. For example, Nest Hello makes it easier to share video clips with family, friends or law enforcement. Nest has also taken an extra step by providing Nest Pro installers. Computer Guys of Orange County is a Nest Pro installation company.

The Nest Hello doorbell is very useful to have because of its smart, well-made features, and a beautiful interface. This video doorbell simply boasts elegance when it comes to welcoming your guests.

Video quality

In high-quality mode, the Nest Hello doorbell has the best video quality when compared to all of the other video doorbells in the market. It has a 1,600*1,200-pixel resolution image which is pretty remarkable for a video doorbell that captures video at 15 frames per second. This video doorbell also works well with direct sunlight, so you don’t have to worry about getting blurry or too burnt images on your recordings. At medium and lower quality settings, the resolution respectively goes down to 1,152*864 pixels and 512*384 pixels. So, you will never need to worry about lower video quality with lower-quality settings.


The Nest Hello doorbell has been integrated to stream constantly to your cloud network subscription, which can end up eating a lot of your bandwidth. So, you better be prepared to subscribe to some serious bandwidth, especially if you are a Nest fan with loads of Nest technology devices. In simple terms, the Nest Hello doorbell could use between 150GB and 600GB of your total bandwidth to download data in one month depending on your video quality setting.

All of the videos captured are at a 4:3 aspect ratio, which makes a lot more sense with the video doorbells as height and width seems to be more of a vital factor to consider. You will also notice the night vision features installed on the Nest Hello doorbell which captures videos in grayscale, but can sometimes switch to colored video when the system senses some light coming from your porch lights.


This smart video doorbell has push and email notifications that can send to its application to alert you in case of any activity on your doorstep. These push notifications are sent whenever the system detects a person, a motion, or a loud noise near your doorstep. The Nest Hello doorbell will open a full-screen video of your doorstep when it detects that your doorbell has been rung. It also has pre-programmed messages installed.

Smart home integration

There is a setting in the Nest application for any visitor announcements, which will alert you whenever someone rings your doorbell. This is just a neat and cool trick, and you can even get your doorstep live video feeds from a Chromecast-enabled TV. Awesome, right?

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