10 Tips To Help Protect Your Online Identity From Cyber Criminals

  • 10 Tips To Help Protect Your Online Identity From Cyber Criminals

10 Tips To Help Protect Your Online Identity From Cyber Criminals

10 Tips To Help Protect Your Online Identity From Cyber Criminals

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Over the past 10 years or so, with the advent of the internet, living life “unplugged” has become almost impossible. All of our personal information such as our likes, dislikes, financial position, business, etc., is all over the cyberspace. At such a crucial juncture, it is only fair that people want to keep their online identity safe and secure.

In order to help all those people who want to secure their online identity, below mentioned are a few tips following which one can eliminate identity theft:

1. Do Not Feed Media With Your Personal Information

Hackers can make use of every piece of your personal information such as your personal address, phone number, office address etc., to steal your online identity. Remove them from social media and do not add any one you don’t know to your friends list.

2. Install Strong Passwords

All of your online passwords should be strong and in case of online accounts, try to maintain multiple passwords, and remember, they shouldn’t be easy to guess.

3. Privacy Settings On Social Media Should Be Reviewed

Always use friends only’ option in the privacy settings. If the social media you use changes its own privacy settings, then you will have to reset your private settings too.

4. Privacy Settings On Your Phone Should Be Constantly Checked

Turn off the GPS location services on your mobile manually when there is no need. This way you can be sure that no one is following you.

5. Be Alert For Questionable Emails

Never respond to emails with unknown addresses, especially those, which say you have won a lottery. And even more important, never respond to any email with your bank account or password information. These phishing emails look like legitimate ones, but when you take one hard look at them, you can spot the difference.

6. Secure Your Communications Network

Make sure that the password of your WiFi is heavily protected. This way you can make sure that no hacker can hack into your system and perform unwanted activities.

7. Keep An Eye On Your Bank Statement As Well As Credit Score

While purchasing online, always be alert and keep checking regularly your bank balance and credit score. If there is any significant change in either of them, your online information might have got stolen. In such cases, one has to report to the appropriate authorities immediately.

8. Always Use Up-To-Date Security Software

Always use authentic software to protect your mobile phone and computer. Firewall is one such software which can keep all your online information safe.

9. For Secure Transactions Use Only Websites With Https://

Make sure that all your important and secure transactions are performed via secure websites (with https:// rather than https://). Here, the words’ stands for secure.

10. Keep Flipping Your Email Addresses

Use a secondary email address when you are contacting others and only use your primary email address for important transactions and contacts. This will by and large eliminate the risk of hackers trying to hack into your account.


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