Best Utility To Prevent iPhone From Crashing Or Failure

  • Best Utility To Prevent iPhone From Crashing Or Failure

Best Utility To Prevent iPhone From Crashing Or Failure

Best Utility To Prevent iPhone From Crashing Or Failure

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iPhones are recognized as having a sensitive and delicate behavior. Considering the amount of money invested in an iPhone, it is important to support their high level of performance and to properly maintain them. Now, you can acquire an amazing and reliable tool for tweaking the performance of your smartphone as well as protecting it from crashing or failure. The following are some of the protections and fixes this tool provides:

Deletes Data From Your iPhone- This option can be chosen if your phone is running short of memory. The best part about this feature is it does not require deleting files one at a time; multiple files can be deleted at one time. This will free up storage space which will boost efficiency.

Transfer Files- You can archive files which means you can transfer your data to another device and delete it from your smarphone. You can retain special data for reference purposes, even an old email or two.

Remove Or Merge Duplicates- This is one of the most helpful features of this tool. Clearing a single contact that is duplicated multiple times with different names will free-up a significant amount of space on your iPhone.

Data Backup- Backup operations will install, uninstall and even store apps on desktop machines.

Clean Up A Virus- This tool can be used to protect your iPhone from crashing and system failure when it is suffering from a virus, and protect the security and integrity of your data. iPhone Care Pro accomplishes this with a few easy tasks.

Clean up Junk Files- This tool can clean junk files from your iPhone and transfer music files and photos between iPhones.

Fix All iOS Stuck Issues- Only one click is required to fix your iPhone if it gets stuck and won’t boot properly. If it gets stuck on Recovery mode, or in a reboot loop, etc., this is the tool that will get your iPhone back to normal operation. The “Repair Operating System” function provides an easy method for downloading firmware to fix an iOS crash or fix an upgrade failure and any other iOS issues, without data loss. The iOS operating system can be repaired even if it is damaged severely.

A Great Ad Blocker- This tool easily blocks or removes banners and ads in the apps. This is a great feature for creating a totally ad-free iPhone environment.

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