5 Locations to Serve You!

Pick up or Delivery Service  $25 each way

Can’t bring it in?

homethreeNeed your Computer Picked Up?

If you’re not physically able to bring it in, or you’re just unsure of how to unplug your computer, we can help.

For a small pick up fee of $25, we’ll come to your home or office and pick-up your PC or Mac and bring it back to our shop for the needed repairs. Includes the time to unplug it, pack it up and bring it back to our location.

If you’d like us to do an onsite diagnostics or configurations to see if we can fix it onsite, you will be charged at $99 per hour with a 1 hour minimum.

Not sure how to plug it back in?

home-service-150x150Need your Computer Delivered?

Some customers aren’t sure how to plug in all the cords for their computers when they get them back home.

For a small delivery fee of $25, we’ll bring back your PC or Mac to your home or office and plug it in for you. Includes 10 minutes to plug it in and boot it up.
Extra setups and configurations like: Networking issues, printer setup, and email configuration, will be charged at $99 per hour with a 30 minute minimum.