How to Maintain Your Hard Drive

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How to Maintain Your Hard Drive

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People often rely on their personal computers for storing important documents or for entertainment purposes. They usually store their files and use software that they need. The problem is, when your hard disk crashes all of these will be gone. To avoid this from happening, here are some of the tricks that you can do to maintain the performance of your hard drive.

To physically maintain your hard disks, make sure that it is inside your CPU. An internal hard drive outside of the CPU’s chassis may catch up dirt. A single dust may block the head of the hard disks from reading your files. If you have an external hard drive, better put it in a safe and clean place. Clean your CPU monthly to maintain good performance and not to let your hard drive have damage.

When you are cleaning or removing your drive, don’t drop it to the floor. The internal parts of are sensitive enough that a little shake will cause the head’s misalignment. Put it gently to a shock proof case first; and before you will touch it touch the chassis of the CPU to neutralize yourself and not shock your hard drive.

Now you know how to take care from the outside; let’s do it on the inside. Viruses often make it work slowly. Before you use your computer, install a good anti-virus to protect it. Also activate your firewall to guard the computer from unwanted files which are usually found on the internet. Also install a registry cleaner because registry errors also make up the memory of your hard drive.

It is also electronic devices that are very fragile to heat. Even if you left your computer idle, your hardware is still working. To avoid overheating, set your power options to shutting off your hard drive automatically after a few minutes. This will make your hard drive to cool off for a while.

You must also do a disk clean up, disk checking, and defrag your computer once a month. There are some temporary files on your computer that builds up the longer you use your computer. Doing a disk clean up will remove all those temporary files completely. Disk checking your computer will check your entire system of errors and bugs and it will require you to restart your computer and wait for all cleaning procedures to be completed. To defrag your computer means that you will remove all unnecessary fragments of files and put all the remaining files together in a single section of your hard disk. All of this takes a while to complete especially if you have big files, and it is not advisable to do these regularly to avoid overheating your hard drive.

Sometimes, it fails to spin anymore because of wear and tear. If your hard disks has a warranty from the seller, then you might get another replacement. If you hear rustling and eerie sounds, better do a backup for all your files. Or, it is much better to back up all your files every two weeks to avoid panic if this happens.

These are some tricks to help you with maintaining it. With proper care, you can be sure that you hard drive will last for a long time.


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