Motherboard Replacement

YES, We do Laptop Motherboard replacements right here in our Tustin location.

motherboard replacement

Does Your laptop have a damaged, broken, or water damaged Motherboard? This is a very common laptop repair we encounter at Computer Guys of Orange County. If you experience a laptop that won’t turn on or unstable while running, that may be a motherboard going out. We can help. Most laptops that get water damage or other ware may need a motherboard replacement.

Bring it in and our knowledgeable technicians will run diagnostics, get pricing on a replacement parts, and let you know if it’s worth fixing or not. FYI, some older units it may be cheaper to buy a used unit and transfer your content to it, rather then buying a board and paying for the labor to install it. Also be aware that some older boards are no longer available as new and in these cases we are forced to purchase refurbished or tested used boards, these usually have a 30 day warranty but once they’re in and working, they usually last pretty well.

Heads up: No repair shop can carry all of the thousands of motherboards available in stock, be warned that these items will have to be ordered and can take two to three days to get them when available.