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We do Laptop Screen Replacements at all 5 locations.


Starting at

$17800parts & labor
  • *Additional labor may apply
    **Touch & Retina Screens Slighty Higher

Whether it’s Cracked, Broken, or a worn video cable, we can take care of all your Laptop Screen Replacements.

When the LCD display fails to function, it can be one of many things. Sometimes you’ll need a laptop screen replacement, or it may be just a worn videocracked-laptopscreen cable and it still works if you have the screen at the right angle. Sometimes it’s just the back light on a screen, if you hold up a flashlight, you may be able to see the image on the screen, and, sometimes it’s a cracked or broken screen which you can tell right away.

Our highly skilled Technicians can find the problem and suggest the best solution for a repair. We have many vendors and we’ll find you the proper replacement parts and offer you a fair price for a quality replacement. WE SERVICE ALL MAKES AND MODELS OF PC'S AND MAC'S

Most screens cost are anywhere from $69 to $175 plus shipping. (most units are about $99 plus shipping and a $99.00 installation charge.)Video cables cost from $10.00 to $25.00 depending on your make and model, plus shipping and a $79.00 to $119.00 labor charge. If you’d like, you can purchase your own screen and bring it in for repair at just the cost of labor.

NOTICE: No repair shop is able to carry in stock, all the thousands of Screens available today, be aware that these items will have to be special ordered and it may take two to three days to get them. In most cases you can take your laptop with you until the part arrives.