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laptop dc jack repairs

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laptop dc jack repairs

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Laptop DC Jack repairs done right the first time. A very common laptop repair we encounter at Computer Guys of Orange County is the Laptop DC Jack repair (the connection that accepts the power adapter into the laptop). Common symptoms for DC Jack damage:

The laptop will not accept external AC Power Adapter due to damage or ware.

If you have to move the power cord around in the jack until it starts accepting the charge.There are several factors that contribute to this hardware failure but the two most common are poor handling and poor design. Sometimes we can just solder the DC Jack back on the board and we won’t need any parts. In other cases, depending on the make and model of your laptop, most DC Jack/power jack (the part itself) only cost about $7.00 to $25.00, plus shipping.

The adapter connects okay, but the system doesn’t charge.

If this is the case, the first thing we’ll do is make sure your power adapter is working properly and putting out the correct voltage. If that’s working okay, we’ll check the DC jack itself to see if it still has a snug correction, if not, we’ll have to replace or re-solder it back on. To get to the DC Jack to replace it, we usually have to completely disassemble the the laptop down to the motherboard, this takes time and skill, some units will have a separate little board with the dc jack on it, and other units have the dc jack soldiered directly onto the main board. Either way, the Computer Guys of Orange County can take care of it for you.

NOTICE: No repair shop can carry all of the thousands of DC Jacks in stock, be aware that these items will have to be ordered and take two to three days to get them. In most cases you can take your laptop until the part comes in.

We perform laptop dc jack repairs on all makes and models including: Acer, Apple, ASUS, Dell, Gateway, HP, Lenovo, Mac Samsung, Sony, Toshiba and more.

More symptoms of a loose, broken, or cracked power jack socket, DC Jack, or  input port connector are:

very loose power socket jack input port
broken power jack or plastic housing for power jack
malfunctioning laptop dc power sockets
bad power connector
cracked power socket
ac power adapter plug broken, bad or missing
dc power jack is loose
dc power jack loose faulty broken
laptop jack intermittent connection to the motherboard
laptop power connector gone bad
need replacing the power jack