How to Keep Your Computer Safe

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How to Keep Your Computer Safe

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The Internet is full of harmful content and dangerous viruses which can harm your computer very easily. So the best option is to use powerful antivirus installed on your system so that you can keep your system safe from malware. However mentioned below are some of the tips that you should follow so that you can keep your computer safe online.

Safe browsing

This is the very common thing that you should always avoid to visit harmful sites or hit on some spiteful links. The pages that you get with links contain malicious content but it can only harm your computer when you hit on that link. There are many browsers who have “private browsing” option that does not keep any history or cookies saved on your system and so you should use that option. You should never post your password on random sites unless it is a safe page.

Use a safe browser

Leaving the above-mentioned steps, it is recommended to use some other web browser rather than using pre-installed internet explorer. Chrome, Firefox is some of the best options in terms of security and all these should be used as soon as possible. These browsers are safer than other and get more updates as well.

Ad /pop up blocker

One of the best reason you should install one of the above browsers is that it provides you the option to download extensions and the best extensions is a pop-up blocker/ad blocker that would help you to block all those fake pop-ups which come up when you visit a website. The pop-up is not a very serious issue but it interrupts your internet experience and sometimes they do links to some unwanted sites that you hit by mistake and after that it can affect your system by making it slow and unresponsive.

Follow the above-mentioned steps and little bit common sense will ensure that your computer stays safe, remember not to share any personal information online and of course, never click on suspicious links.

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