How To Check Your Smartphone Usage

  • How To Check Your Smartphone Usage

How To Check Your Smartphone Usage

How To Check Your Smartphone Usage

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It always feels natural to use your Smartphone to tap into Wi-Fi hotspots. This is the flexibility we all want with our Smartphones, but there is a downside. This usage can be costly, especially for users on a limited data plan. This means keeping track of the usage is essential, but not everyone knows how to keep track of how much data passes through their Smartphone. It is difficult, then, to know when to limit the usage. Following these simple steps will help.

1. Check Your Data Usage

This is a simple process. Your Smartphone stores all of the information about how much data it used in a particular period. You can also find out which apps are using which percentage of this data. Just open the Settings and look for the Cellular Usage Tab. You will get your usage when you click on these tabs.

2. Set Your Apps For Manual Updates

Allowing your apps to apply automatic updates may have a nominal benefit, but this process also has a hidden cost. These apps will regularly download new versions, content updates, patches all of which eat away at your data quotas. You will decrease data usage and save the life of your battery. This can be accomplished by turning off the automatic updates. Click on Settings and then iTunes and App Stores.

3. Turn Off Auto Refresh

Most apps will refresh their content regularly without recognizing how much you use them. The result is more data usage and less battery life. You can achieve more efficient use of your data by going to Settings – General – Background Apps Refresh and turn this feature off for the apps that don’t require updating every few minutes. You might even find some apps you don’t need.

4. Turn Off Calendar, Mail and Contacts Sync

Your Smartphone automatically checks your calendar events, emails and contacts and downloads updates as soon as they appear. While you may not think this is a significant use of data, bear in mind that all traffic adds up. If you do not need up-to-date data in all of these areas, then setting synchronization to manual may save you data. If you set it to manual, you can synchronize using Wi-Fi.

5. Make Sure You Are Using The Most Data-Efficient Browser

This is a browser with a built-in data compression proxy like Chrome or Opera. This is another way that you can minimize unnecessary traffic and conserve data by taking these simple steps. You can also visit the Computer Guys of Orange County for more tips and a checkup for your Smartphone.