Set Up A Firewall To Protect Your Computer

  • Set Up A Firewall To Protect Your Computer

Set Up A Firewall To Protect Your Computer

Set Up A Firewall To Protect Your Computer

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If you are concerned about computer viruses, then you should set up a firewall to protect your computer. A computer virus or malware acts much like a human virus in that it can be easily transferred from one computer to another or to multiple computers that are connected. Viruses are created by malicious people who want to cause data corruption and destroy files in your computer, and they are more active now than ever before.

Computer viruses and malware are usually spread through emails or instant messaging. We recommend that you ignore any email attachments received from unfamiliar sources. Other viruses can be sent with an image or a greeting card link. Internet downloads are another frequent source of viruses and malware.

Viruses and malware literally take over your computer, and when they do, these are some of the problems that will occur:

– Suddenly you find that you are redirected to unknown webpages that contain unwanted ads and large amounts of objectionable content.

– Pop-up advertisements seem to never end and they have no relationship to the website you are viewing.

– New tool bars are added without your consent, and you cannot remove them.

– You will receive warnings and error messages stating that your system is infected, but the source will remove the virus if you pay a ransom.

– Your email address book is captured and sometimes emails are sent to recipients using your email system.

– You will notice that your computer is taken over by a fake antivirus software that prevents you from accessing your internet or it makes changes to your files and data.

While our experts who have years of experience can remove viruses and malware either in our shop or by remote access to your computer in your home or office, we also can install antivirus software.

We can also install a firewall. A basic description of a firewall is it will prevent corrupted data and messages from reaching your computer. A firewall will only allow traffic to pass through it if the traffic meets a predetermined set of criteria. In effect, a firewall monitors and controls the traffic flow both in and out of a computer. Firewalls can be constructed to create several layers of filtering. A firewall can be useful is allowing remote access to a private network by creating secure authentication logins.

Firewall can be either a hardware or a software installation, but the most effective firewall will have both. Our experts can discuss both of these installations with you and make a recommendation on the best installation for the level of protection that you need.

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