8 Benefits From A Computer Tune-Up

  • 8 Benefits From A Computer Tune-Up

8 Benefits From A Computer Tune-Up

8 Benefits From A Computer Tune-Up

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Computers, like people, don’t always age without problems. A once quick and flexible machine becomes slow and actually bloated. What was once a fast PC begins to react very slowly. Sometimes, many minutes are required to boot up, and what seems like endless hours are required to display a website.

Most computer users don’t know about the hundreds of devices and programs that make the computer work. Any of these can become a problem, and some problems are created unintentionally by the users. The Computer Guys of Orange County have a solution for fixing tired computers. We offer a computer tune-up, and the 8 benefits from a computer tune-up are listed here:

1. Virus Scan
We conduct a through virus scan of the entire system to make sure that it is free of spyware, viruses and other undesirable programs which can result in system instability, slow operating speed and even identity theft. Even if a previous virus has been removed, small parts could still exist.

2. Complete System Analysis
A thorough inspection and scan of your system software will determine how best to address the slow speed issue. Our scan detects registry issues as well as unwanted browser files and window files that may not be readily visible.

3. Disk Fragmentation
This process optimizes the hard drive to enable programs and files to open faster. This task will be performed by experts that can ensure that your hard drive is free of unnecessary software and other files. This will also ensure that files and programs will open faster.

4. File Clean Up
We often find hundreds of internet and operating system temporary files that should be removed to free up space on the hard drive. Most users are surprised to learn how many of these files are on their computers, and they are even more surprised to learn how these can adversely affect the performance of their computers.

5. Tuning
This involves making operating system adjustments to achieve faster start-up and shut-down. Internet browsing will be faster also.

6. Dust Removal
We clean the affected areas of your computer with compressed air to remove, dust and animal hair which the usual household air currents blow around. If thees foreign particles are allowed to remain, the result can be overheating, slow speed and several other issues.

7. Check For Hard Drive Potential Failures
We can diagnose your hard drive to find any problems lurking which could cause the hard drive to crash. It is better to find a problem before it results in a crash. If the hard drive does crash, we can fix it.

8. Consult With Professional Technicians
We will explain the services we performed and the problems we fixed. We can often tell you how to better protect your computer in the future. If your computer is older, it may not be worth repairing. If this is our recommendation, we will help you select the best system for your usage, and we can help you set it up in your home or office.

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