Best Smart Sprinkler Systems of 2018

Best Smart Sprinkler Systems of 2018

In the modern world, you will realize just how irrigation systems has helped make watering the garden more efficient and simpler. The bulk of a sprinkler system usually contains sets of motorized valves and plastic pipes that attach to the water supply.

As you know, sprinklers have hardly been known as elegant machines. Old school sprinkler controllers consist of a handful of switches, rotary dials, and a rudimentary monochrome LCD. This situation has changed over the years with smart sprinkler controllers entering the market. Below are some of the best sprinkler control systems in the modern market.

Rachio smart sprinkler controller

A Rachio second-generation sprinkler controller is the smart, top-notch choice you can go for when it comes to handling your regular outdoor watering needs. The controller looks appealing to the eye, is easy to use, and has the most features compared to other sprinkler systems. This sprinkler system features no external controls as all commands and controls are set up using an intuitive and streamlined mobile application. The sprinkler also comes with extensive integration features that enable it to work with Wink, IFTTT plus nest, Alexa, Nexia, and Control4 devices. This feature alone gives other sprinklers a run for their money.

Orbit B-Hyve WiFi sprinkler system controller

This sprinkler type has app-free control features. Orbit has been operational for over 40 years, unlike Rachio. The B-Hyve WiFi sprinkler timer marks Orbit’s entry to the smart sprinkler business. Depending on the model you have, the device features support between 6 and 12 zones. You can easily tweak any changes you wish to make on the sprinkler. It also works with onboard controls, so that you can run any watering sessions manually without having to use its mobile application. The Orbit B-Hyve WiFi sprinkler controller is relatively affordable with the 6-zone model price of $99.

What to know when shopping for a smart sprinkler:

Do you already have a sprinkler system setup?

Most smart irrigation controllers are designed to work smoothly with your original irrigation controllers. For this reason, you can connect to your original irrigation controller water supply to the the dedicated tubing and motorized valves. You may think that installing a smart sprinkler system is a daunting task, especially if you want to water a large garden or yard. You need to make sure that you consult with an expert on landscapes before you install a sprinkler system for the first time to plan out your zones.

On-device controls

You need to decide whether you want a system that uses on-device controls if you do not want to opt for using the mobile application. With on-device control sprinklers, many people can use the system at different times without having to use the app.

Indoor/outdoor mounting

You need to have a waterproof enclosure for your system if you are using the sprinkler for outdoor mounting. There are different versions of indoor and outdoor controllers.

Number of zones

The number of sprinkler valves usually determine the number of zones you will have; one valve will mean you have one zone. So, it depends entirely upon on the number of zones you want to have.

Scheduling flexibility

Different controllers can handle different schedules. For this reason, you need to think carefully about the controller you want to buy depending on your scheduling plans.


Most controllers will notify you when watering has been completed. Some controllers use push notifications to notify you when your water system is running.

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