Best Smart Garage Openers on the Market

Best Smart Garage Openers on the Market

Every left home and wondered if you closed the garage? Or needed to open the garage for someone and you’re not home?These are just some of the many reasons why you need to have a smart garage opener installed in your home to prevent these simple everyday problems which may end up leading to catastrophic results. Make your life simpler, and your home safer.

Good news! You no longer have to rush home worried whether you closed your garage door or not. Smart garage door openers will simply send you alerts if you accidentally leave your garage door open. And the next best part about it is that you can remotely close it from your garage opener app using your phone. Crazy, right?

Another great thing about the new garage door openers is that most of them are retrofits. This means that they are designed to simply upgrade the garage opener you currently have. There is no need for a replacement. But this only works if you have the newer garage mechanisms. Here are a few garage door openers and their features that you might want to have a look at before you rush to buy one for your garage door.

Cost: $300 or less, including all hardware, wiring & installation for most garages. Our professional technicians will install all hardware and wiring, test the system, program your smart phone and show you how to operate it! Call today to book your install.

1. Chamberlain MYQ-G0301

This garage door opener model has been the popular choice for most garage owners for many years. The newer versions have also improved significantly on the design, thus offering a more compatible mainstream option to easily outfit your current garage with its smart technology.

You can use the MyQ app to open and close your garage door, create customized alerts on the garage door’s status, whether it has suddenly opened and more. It has a timer that you can use to schedule your garage opening and closing times. It is pretty easy to install and you can do the whole thing yourself.

2. Nexx NXG-100

The Nexx NXG-100 provides slightly higher features such as “authorizing” people to access your garage for any maintenance even while you are away. It also has a log that you can use to check how the garage door has been used plus voice commands with Google Assistant and Alexa.

3. Nova Smart Garage Door Controller

This is a neat smart garage door opener. It has innate voice compatibility with Amazon Alexa, provides handy LED lights for extra visibility, and has excellent compatibility across different garage systems. Other extra features include smoke and CO detectors that will open the garage doors if the detectors detect any such problems.

4. Gogogate 2

This garage door opener is a little bit more expensive compared to the rest. It is packed with awesome features like wireless sensors for the sectional or tilt-based garage doors. This can help add extra security. There’s also a temperature monitoring feature to help sense whether the garage door is closed or opened. You will also find the audio warning systems, access management, and many more useful features.

5. GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4

This model uses the Z-wave wireless communication standard. This wireless connection is a bit outdated, but still, it offers the advantage of creating a separate connection from your network. It is a decent pick for home garage doors.

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Smart garage installs are typically $300 or less, including all hardware, wiring and installation.

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