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Best Smart Garage Openers on the Market

Every left home and wondered if you closed the garage? Or needed to open the garage for someone and you're not home?These are just some of the many reasons why you need to have a smart garage opener installed in your home to prevent these simple everyday problems which may end up leading to catastrophic

Say “Hello” to the Nest Hello Doorbell

Most people may not know about this new video doorbell that is currently taking the market by storm - the Nest Hello doorbell. The new video doorbell comes with awesome features like a solid phone application, great video quality, two-way audio, and even friendly faces recognition with Nest’s subscription. It is currently integrated with Google

Best Smart Sprinkler Systems of 2018

In the modern world, you will realize just how irrigation systems has helped make watering the garden more efficient and simpler. The bulk of a sprinkler system usually contains sets of motorized valves and plastic pipes that attach to the water supply. As you know, sprinklers have hardly been known as elegant machines. Old school

How Smart Home Technology Can Improve Our Daily Lives

There are tons of possibilities to make our lives more convenient, easier and more comfortable when it comes to smart homes filled with connected products. Imagine that you are driving home on a scorching summer day. Rather than turn the air conditioner on when you arrive home and wait for your house to cool

How Technology Has Improved Our Daily Lives

The world has grown so dependent on technology compared to 20 years ago. Daily usage of technology can't be ignored from carrying out simple tasks to managing complex systems. The use of technology in workplaces has made work more efficient, less time-consuming and more affordable for many employers. The world is currently being referred

Why You Should Cover Your Laptop Camera

In our technology-driven world, it has become obvious that our privacy can be easily compromised. If computer hackers can penetrate the White House, they can most likely crack our personal technology devices. And yet we still use our laptops, phones, tablets and more, as if this threat doesn’t exist. But can we really afford to

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Should You Get Computer Training?

 While most people understand the basics of using their computer, almost everyone the uses a computer will benefit from professional computer training. There are several reasons for this, and they all boil down to one huge end goal - training will make your life much easier!   The main reasons why training is so beneficial

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What to Do When Your Update Fails

Your operating systems will put out an update from time to time to keep everything up to date and safe, but what should you do when it fails? There are a few things you can do prior to your update that will decrease the risk of a failure.   Try these first!   Check Your

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How to Protect Your Phone on Vacation

With summer vacations quickly approaching, your phone becomes more susceptible to pickpockets and thieves. Don’t let your vacation be ruined by losing all your data. By preparing properly, you can avoid any potential phone loss over your vacation. Learn how to avoid phone misplacement or theft and protect your phone just in case with this

Cloud Backup 101

What is cloud backup? Cloud backup is a technology that involves sending a copy of your data to an offsite vendor – a cloud provider – that keeps the data secure and accessible in real time, usually for a monthly fee. What's great about the cloud is that it keeps a copy of your files

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Maintaining Your Hard Drive

Photo credit: ESB Professional /   usually rely on their personal computers for storing important documents and other media. When you put your life on your computer, all of it can disappear the moment something goes wrong. The problem is, when your hard disk crashes, it is possible that you will lose all of