8 Ways to Reuse Your Old Technology

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8 Ways to Reuse Your Old Technology

Do you have old computer monitors and outdated tablets sitting somewhere in your home or office, collecting dust? You are not alone. In 2010, the U.S. recycled over 3.5 million tons of electronic devices, and that is not counting the tons of electronics left unused at the bottom of closets or inside desk cabinets.

Instead of throwing out old technology or letting it sit in the storage closet for years, why not reuse these gadgets? If you feel you have old electronics that have not been used to their fullest extent, you might consider reusing these devices to improve office functionality and in turn, increase efficiency for your home or business. Discover eight ways to repurpose this aging technology and boost your business’ performance.

  1. Turn an old router into a Wi-Fi access point

If you have an old laptop that is still (somewhat) usable, you can extend your home’s Wi-Fi by transforming an old router into a main Wi-Fi access point for your home or office, providing connection to the Wi-Fi  for more devices. This trick works for both PCs and Mac computers, and it can help double the number of devices connected to your network.

  1. Use old tablets as e-readers

Instead of spending unnecessary money on the latest tablets, transform old tablets into e-readers for your family or employees to use in the office. Similarly, old smartphones can serve the same function, while also being a good backup for extra storage or as a second device in case your phone’s battery dies. Without connection to a data plan, iPhones can serve the same purposes as an iTouch, and can even perform all the same functions as an iPhone if connected to Wi-Fi.

  1. Create a surveillance camera

Considering investing in a surveillance camera, but don’t want to spend the extra money? Using an old computer or laptop with an attached webcam can serve as a home or office surveillance camera for times you know you will be away, such as family vacations or even overnight at the office.

  1. Utilize old computer monitors as TV screens

Repurposed computer monitors also serve well as TV screens, for a break room or a lobby area. You can connect the monitor to another device with streaming capabilities or invest in a cable receiver box to receive local broadcast TV.

  1. Repurpose laptops as DVD players

As a combination, you can use an old laptop to serve as a DVD player to be connected to your computer monitor. As long as it can connect to an HDMI cord and/or has a slot drive to insert DVDs, it will serve as a cheap and easy DVD player and streaming device.

  1. Make an iPhone into a document scanner

One of the most office-friendly refurbishments is turning an old iPhone into a document scanner. Apps such as TurboScan ($4.99) and a similar, free version, Genius Scan, make it easy to scan documents and share them over email. The app Prizmo can be purchased for $9.99, but it is considered the best scanning app for its ability to convert scanned documents into editable files and share them through multiple sharing services.

  1. Sell your old electronics

If you cannot find a purpose for an old electronic device, try selling it online, and using that money to purchase new, more efficient gadgets for your home or office. Website likes eBay and Amazon have services to sell new or used possessions and are safe and reliable ways to earn money for your used goods.

  1. Recycle, recycle, recycle

If you can’t reuse it or sell it, recycle it. For old Dell products, they will take it back, no matter the age or condition, and recycle it for you. If it cannot be repurposed, recycling it will help limit the amount of electronic device waste that continues to increase each year. The Computer Guys of Orange County also provides free recycling services, for any electronic device, from home devices like old televisions to office items such as printers.

Not quite ready to part with an electronic device that still has a few years left? If any of your old gadgets or technology need repairs, bring them by one of the Computer Guys of Orange County’s locations! We are happy to provide any repair services, whether it’s on a Mac computer, an iPhone screen, or a PC. We provide free diagnostics at either location, so feel free to bring your device to our shop and receive a free estimate on the repair price. To learn more about services provided by Computer Guys of Orange County, visit our website today!

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