4 Ways You Might Be Getting Computer Viruses

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4 Ways You Might Be Getting Computer Viruses

Here at Computer Guys, removing computer viruses is one of our services that we are performing every day. As much as we like to stay busy, we’re sure that you would like to avoid a trip to remove a virus altogether. This is why we wanted to give you some common ways that you might be getting them and ways to avoid it.

Pop-Ups That Say Your Computer Is Infected

This is one of the most common situations we see that a virus is transmitted from a website. If you’ve grown up with computers, you’ll be pretty aware that any pop-ups that make a claim about the state of your computer are most likely trying to infect you. By clicking on the link to clean up your computer or diagnose the virus, you’re actually loading the virus.

Don’t be easily fooled by these pop-ups; it is a very good idea to start surfing the internet with the thought in mind that anything that comes on the screen in the form of a pop-up will take you somewhere you don’t want to go. Like to a repair shop!

No Anti-Virus Software

This is a big one, for some reason people don’t want to shell out the few extra dollars on an anti-virus software after spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on a computer. Consider antivirus software as the insurance package on your car, but this one will be used almost daily!

The good thing about the high use is that you won’t be paying a deductible every time you use it, unlike with your car. Since you will be using it every day, and they will usually find something daily to guard against, not having one is just a waiting game until you get a virus.

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Clicking Email Links

Another sure way to get computer viruses is to click the links that you get in your email or on instant messenger. The fact is, even if you have a trusted contact sending you links, they might have gotten a virus that is reaching out via their email to give everyone in their contact list a virus.

The obvious thing to avoid is the email from a sender that you don’t know. Unfortunately, this is another common way to get a virus. Many people are drawn to the title of the email without looking at the sender or looking to see if the email itself has any suspicious wording. The words in the body of the email that seem just to be stuffed in there are a dead giveaway to a malicious link.

Never Updating

Companies will often update their security by putting out updates to either the security systems or doing a full system update and including a security update. The security update is an attempt to help keep you safe from computer viruses. You may find this surprising, but these are extremely necessary to do from the software manufacturers because new weaknesses are being found and guarded against constantly.

Hackers are finding ways into websites and into programs constantly, both maliciously and as part of the company’s security team. The fact is, if they can find a way in from the security team, it’s just a matter of time until someone with the potential to drop a virus in the code does. So they are always checking and fixing problems before they become dangerous to use.

That may sound scary, but that’s why the security updates are so important to keep up on! The reason that they.

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