8 iPhone 6 Tricks You Should Know

  • 8 iPhone 6 Tricks You Should Know

8 iPhone 6 Tricks You Should Know

8 iPhone 6 Tricks You Should Know

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With its powerful processor, upgraded camera, and improved connectivity, the iPhone 6 represents a major step in the evolution of smartphones. The iPhone 6 incorporates a new set of features that will keep users busy for weeks while they familiarize with its characteristics. Here is a list of 8 iPhone 6 tricks that you should know.


Securing Your iPhone

1. Childproofed Settings: It is no surprise that children enjoy playing with the new iPhones. To limit your child’s access to your iPhone, follow these simple steps. Go to ‘Settings’ and click on the tab that is labeled ‘General’. Then select the ‘Accessibility’ tab and click on ‘Guided Access’ on your device. This feature will make your phone childproof so that you are able to lend your device to your children without risking them erasing your important data.

2. Enable Stronger Passwords: It is always important to ensure that your iPhone and all of the important data it contains is properly protected and secured. A simple way to protect your device is by enabling a longer and more complex passcode. The iPhone 6 allows you to enable a longer alpha-numerical password that is much more secure than the standard simple password. Simply go to ‘Settings’, click on the ‘General’ tab, and then select ‘Passcode Lock’. 
Using Siri

3. Teach Siri How to Pronounce Words Correctly: If Siri mispronounces a word you can correct Siri by simply saying, “That is not how you pronounce….”.  By doing this, it will reveal a menu of alternative words from where to pick the right pronunciation. 

4. Establish Relations With Your Connections: The iPhone 6 allows you to activate Siri and establish relationships with your connections. By establishing relationships you are able to refer to your contacts by the relation they have with you instead of by their name. This way Siri will know who you are talking about if you tell it to “call my wife” or “write e-mail for my boss”.

Operation and Functionality

5. Charge Your iPhone Quicker: More often than not, we tend to use most of our battery life and are constantly seeking a new, fast way to re-charge our device. If you ever run out of battery you can use an iPad adaptor to charge your phone. The 2.1 Amp iPad adaptor gives both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus a sharp bursts of electricity that will charge your device quicker.

6. Find Your Way Home: Apple’s Map app is a great tool for navigating when you are going outside. Press the Maps app icon and you’ll have a menu of options like ‘Directions Home’, ‘Send My Location’, or find popular destinations nearby.

Camera and Multimedia

7. Take Multiple Photos: There’s no better fail-safe method to get the perfect selfie than just taking a bunch of pictures, so keep the capture button pressed to have your camera take multiple photos.

8. Set Your Scrubbing Rate: Now you can adjust the Scrubbing Rate when streaming videos by simply moving your finger up and down. This is specially convenient when you are watching a video online and want to skip adds or jump to a certain part of the video.

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