5 Website Designs You Need to Know in 2016

  • 5 Website Designs You Need to Know in 2016

5 Website Designs You Need to Know in 2016

5 Website Designs You Need to Know in 2016

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One of the pains about website trends is that they are constantly changing. Thus, you will need to keep yourself updated in this fast-tempo domain so that your website can be relevant and in trend. This way, you won’t fall behind your competitors. Given below are the top 5 web designs you need to know in 2016 which will help you improve your website in an impactful manner:

1. Long Scrolling:

For a more immersive experience, your website should have a long scroll design. Besides, people browse mostly on their smartphones or mobile devices, therefore this type of design is more effective and popular. So bid-goodbye to confusing menus and drop-down tabs and embrace long scrolling with open arms instead! Besides, a long scrolling page provides you with more white space and you can add more content in too!

2. Optimization for cell phones and tabs:

As mentioned above, a majority of the people browse the net on their smartphones or tabs. In fact, on an average about 60% of the website traffic comes from mobile phones. Therefore, if your website has not yet adapted and does not have an optimized layout to accommodate all display sizes and resolutions then you’re in serious trouble! Go ahead, change with the times, and find your business benefitting the most from this change.

3. Large HD banner images:

Out of all the six senses of a human being, vision is considered to be the strongest. So why not capitalize on this fact and insert HD banner or hero images on your website? After all, this is easily one of the fastest ways to grab the attention of the visitors. Contrary to the common misconception, HD hero images do not make the website slow or prolong the loading time thanks to the advances in data compression and bandwidth. So go ahead and captivate your visitors by giving them something to look/gawk at!

4. The Hamburger icon:

This icon is so named because its three horizontal strokes reminds people of the hamburger. The icon is very useful for simplifying the traditional navigation of a website as it hides the main menu onto a smaller screen, thereby making the remainder of the website a lot more readable. Thus, it is also in tune with the objective of making the website mobile-friendly, so you’re basically killing two birds with one stone here!

5. Illustrations:

Remember that website that you visited which had cool graphics or illustrations on it? Yes, it’s been proven that illustrations are not just eye-catching but they also tend to linger in the memory of the visitors long after they have exited the website. Thus, don’t shy away from using illustrations on your website in order to inject more life into it, bring out the static text better and increase the website’s impact on the visitors.

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