6 Best Cases For Your Technology

6 Best Cases For Your Technology

These days we’ve established somewhat of an attachment to our technology and everyday devices. We not only spend excessive amounts of money, but also time on our devices which makes sense why we’d want to protect them so badly. Whether your most important piece of technology is your laptop, phone or tablet, discover the best cases you can get to ensure that your technology stays safe. As long as your technology is looking good on the outside, we can take care of all of the internal problems!

Urban Armor Gear Scout             

Looking for a protective phone case that’s not too bulky and obnoxious? The Urban Armor Gear Scout case is not only sleek and thin, but it also passes the U.S. military drop-test. At only $35 per case, this protective gear for your phone is reasonable and realistic!


Going on a tropical vacation? Be sure to pick up an E-case for your phone or tablet before you leave! E-cases solve the issue of going on a fun vacation but not being able to bring your phone along paddle boarding, kayaking or on other water-related activities. Putting your phone in an E-Case kind of feels like you’re putting it in a Ziploc bag, but it is guaranteed to protect your electronics! The E-Case will protect your devices for up to 30 minutes submerged under water.

Burkley Case

                When it comes to your laptop, there are a few things you’ll probably want. First you’ll want a case that is a hard cover and protects your laptop in case something falls on it or you drop it. Second, it is important to have a case that is soft and will keep your laptop from being scratched or getting dirty. Typically, people choose one or the other when it comes to picking a case. Although the Burkley Case is not necessarily a “hard case” per say, it is made of strong leather and will certainly protect your laptop if it’s getting thrown around in a backpack or purse. Not to mention the leather looks very nice as well! The Burkley Case has many different styles and models, abut the laptop covers usually price at around $90.

Evutec Karbon S Series

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like the feel of bulky case then look into the Evutec Karbon S Series case immediately! This case is very thin and slick. Although the case is only a millimeter thin, it is one of the toughest on the market because it is made from Dupont Kevlar, an aramid fiber. On top of everything, it retails for a great price of only $35-$40! Evutec also has different models if this style is not to your liking!


In search of that phone case that takes care of all your needs? The bulky Lifeproof case not only allows the phone to be more water resistant, but the case also protects the phone from dirt scratching or getting into your phone. The Lifeproof case is shockproof and is considered one of the best on the market to prevent cracks. But, all these features come at a price. The Lifeproof case for phones is around $90.


Last but not least, your iPad/tablet might need a little protection too. The iSkin cover for your tablet is convenient and portable. Not only can you find a great design, but some styles also come with pockets for your cards and important docs. The iSkin cover is hands-free and has a built-in stand. There’s not many ways you can go wrong when this cover retails for only $39.99.


For more information on the best practices and accessories for your technology, give one of our team members a call today! We can help ensure that your devices are being protected both internally and externally.


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