10 Tips For Smartphone Photography

  • 10 Tips For Smartphone Photography

10 Tips For Smartphone Photography

10 Tips For Smartphone Photography

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Are you taking full advantage of your smartphone? Whether you may realize it or not, your smartphone has the ability to take high-quality pictures. Here are 10 tips on how you can take advantage of your smartphone and take amazing pictures:

1. Understand What Your Auto Mode Does For You

The automatic shooting mode can help you take good photos, but you will need to learn when it uses high ISOs and when it uses long shutter speeds. Understanding these features will help you decide how to adjust your camera to take the awesome shots.

2. Override The Defaults

While smartphones are relatively good at choosing settings, there are times when you will need to override these settings. Refer to your instruction manual for the various ways that you can override the settings to get a better photo.

3. Use A Tripod Or Use Good Posture

Holding your smartphone in a stable way will reduce the blur in your photos. You can frame a picture better with good posture or with a tripod. A tripod will give perfect stability.

4. Harness HDR Mode

The HDR Mode, or the high dynamic range mode, will help you capture detail that would otherwise be obscured by shadows and highlights at the same time. This is useful when the scene you are photographing has widely varying contrasts. The HDR Mode makes two images at different exposures at the same time and then combines them into one good image.

5. Use The Whole Sensor

Don’t rely on the 16:9 image. Switching to a standard 4:3 can be beneficial. A 4:3 sensor provides you with a full resolution, but you can still crop down to a 16:9 and have more pixels to use.

6. Learn How To Edit

Your photo can look truly awesome. Use an app on the camera and begin working with it by moving a few sliders and ticking a few boxes, you might be amazed at the results.

7. Check The App Store

You don’t have to settle for the default applications on your smartphone. Look online to learn what others are saying about the apps they are using. Check the various app stores for applications you may find useful. Your smartphone photos can benefit from some of the gems that out there.

8. Never Zoom

You will get the best photos from your smartphone if you do not use the zoom feature. Zooming can reduce the quality of the image, and you can easily take the photo without zooming. You can crop it later to get the same effect.

9. Go Macro

It is hard to get the DSLR-like background blur. However, you can achieve this by getting closer to the subject and then using the macro range of the focus system.

10. Make Sure The Light Is Right

Your subject should be lit well because the smartphone is not capable of taking good photos when the lighting is not good. Natural light might be the best light.

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